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This page is updated regularly with the listing of music presented at our regular meetings. Workshop and other special listings will also be added as they occur.

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March 25, 2021
Songs that Knew Each Other
Led by by Adam Gilbert

All of these almost certainly originated as French chansons with text. These chansons have intriguing relationships.
De madame au biau corp gentil, Johannes Pullois? (Escorial B)
De madame au biau corp gentil, Johannes Pullois? (Trent 89)
Se brief puy de vous voir, Firmin Caron (or Antoine Busnois)
Anon., De piange cuore duro (BolQ16)
Anon., Mirando l’occhyi de costeyi (BolQ16)
Anon. Le povre amant (Seville, Cancionero musical de Columbina)

February 25, 2021
Music from the prints of 1501 and 1504 by Ottaviano Petrucci in Venice
Led by Rotem Gilbert

Adieu mes amours by Josquin des Prez (Odhecaton A, Fol. 16v-17)
Tandernaken by Jacob Obrecht (Odhecaton A, Fol. 74v-76)
Ah partiale e cruda morte by Bartolomeo Tromboncino, Frottole Libro Primo
Helas que il est a mon gre by Jean Japart (Odhecaton A, Fol. 32v-33).
La Parma by Giorgio Mainerio

January 28, 2021
Music of Josquin des Prez
Led by Wendy Powers

    De Tous Biens Plaine a 3 (My Mistress is full of virtue)
    Adieu Mes Amours a 3 (Goodbye my loves)
    Kyrie from Missa Pange Lingua a 4
    Mille Regretz a 4.


December 17, 2020
Holiday Music led by Rachel Begley

   Wachet Auf
   Handel: See the Conqu'ring Hero Comes
   Irving Berlin: White Christmas
   Traditional: Twelve Days of Christmas
   J. S. Bach: Zion Hort Die Wachten Singen (BWV 140)
   Traditional: Auld Lang Syne

November 19, 2020
The Music of Jacob Van Eyck Led by Daphna Mor

     Ballet de Grevelinge
     O Heyligh Zaligh Bethelehem
     Van Goosen
     De Erste Licke-Pot

September 24, 2020
Led by Deborah Booth


Annonymous, Glogauer Liederbuch: Ich Bins Ehrfreut
Jacob Obrecht, Rompeltier
Orlando Gibbons, In Nomine
Joseph Bodin Boismortier, Legerement
Georg Phillippe Telemann, Four Part Sonata



June 19, 2020
Led by Larry Lipnik via Zoom

Morley, Flora wilt thou torment mee
Cantone, Duo 25
Cima, Duo 31
Gastoldi, Duo 7
Morley, Fantasie La Caccia
Morley, In nets of golden wyers.

Music Sources: Morley, First Book of Canzonets to two voyces (London, 1595); Gastoldi, Il Primo Libro della Musica a due voci (Milan, 1598).

February 23, 2020
Led By Susan Hellauer

        Pastime with Good Company - Henry VIII
        I Love, Loved, and Loved Would I Be - Robert Fayrfax
        Adieu! Mes Amours - William Cornish (14?? - 1523)
        Who Likes to Love Let Him Take Heed - William Byrd (c. 1540 - 1623)
        The Honeysuckle - Anthony Holborne
        In Manus Tuas (I) - John Sheppard (c. 1513 - 1588)

January 23, 2020
Led by Joan Kimball

Music from the Spanish Golden Age
Pange lingua gloriosa – Francisco Guerrero
Hermosissima Maria – Juan Vasquèz
Ecce Dominus veniet – Tomàs Luis de Victoria
Cancion #76 – Clemens non Papa (?) (from the Lerma Wind Band MS)
Tonguing and Articulation: How to express the text in Renaissance compositions
J'ay le rebours – Pierre Certon
Vecchi letrose – Adrian Willaert
O nata lux – Thomas Tallis

September 26
Led by Patricia Ann Neely

Browning My Dear by Henry Stoning
"Pavan Passamezzo" by Peter Phillips: Score, Descant 1, Descant 2, Treble, Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Bass
De La Court by Robert Parsons Score, Parts

November 21
Music for the December Holidays; Led by Wendy Powers

Gottes Sohn ist kommen by J. S. Bach
O Magnum Mysterium by Tomas Luis de Victoria
Bon Jour, Bon Mois by Guillaume DuFay
Maoz Tsur (Rock of Ages), arranged by David Goldstein
Noe, Noe by Antoine Brumel
Heigh Ho Holiday (Galliard) by Anthony Holborne
Deo Gratias by William Byrd

December 19
"Festive Music - Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque," led by Deborah Booth

Est Ist Ein Rosent-Sprungen, traditional
Psallite, Annonymous ca. 1530
The Coventry Carol, Old Englis Carol (16th Century)
Maoz Tsur, Benedetto Marcello, arr. Hugo Chaim Adler
The Cradle (Pavan)
The New-yeeres Gift (Galliard)
Veni, Veni Emmanuel
Dadme Albricias, Hijos d'Eva, Cancionero de Uppsala (1556)
Star in the East, shape-note hymn from Southern Harmony, 1835
In Dulcio Jubilo, J. S. Bach

February 28, 2019
Led by Susan Hellauer

Miserere Miseris (Dublin Troper 1400)
Ecce Quod Natura (15th Cen. Carol)
Ad Cenam Agni Providi (Dufay)
Conditor Alme Siderum (Dufay)
Ave Maris Stella (Dufay)
Veni Creator Spiritus Veni Creator Spiritus (Binchois)

March 28, 2019
Led by Larry Lipnik

Two Motets for Four Voices - Hans Leo Hassler
Quia Vidisti Me
Beata Est, Virgo Maria
Carmen in Sol - Heinrich Issac
Carmen in Fa - Annonymous
Johannes Shultz - Entrada in Four Parts

April 25, 2019
Led by David Hurd - A Diversity of Canons

Round for four voices – Orlando di Lasso (c.1532–1593)
When Jesus Wept – William Billings (1746–1800)
Canon 1 – David Hurd, 1983
Canon 2 – David Hurd, 1984
Canon 3 – David Hurd, 1985
Canon No. 1 a 2 cancrizans (The Musical Offering) – Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)
Detroit – Southern Harmony, 1854
Partita on Detroit, Variation 1 – David Hurd, 1984
Agnus Dei III (Missa Simile est regnum) – Tomás Luís de Victoria (c.1548–1611)

June 20, 2019
Led by Deborah Booth - Gala Season Finale

Von Gott will ich nicht lassen - Johann Sebastian Bach
Mon Pere m'a donne mari - Heinrich Isaac
L'Autre Jour - Annonymous
Rondeau from Suite 2 BWV 1067 - Johann Sebastian Bach
Gavotte en Rondeau - Joseph Bodin de Boismortier
In Nomine - John Bull
Mon Coeur Gist Toujours - Claudin de Sermisy
Wie der Hirsch Schreiet - Georg Philipp Telemann
Saltarello detto Trivella - Vecchi


June 28, 2018 Gala Celebration and Performance
Led by Music Director, Deborah Booth

The Loud Band:
Alleluia, Mikolaj z Radomia, 15th century
Go Hert Hurt with Adversite, anonymous, English, 15th century
Ay Triste que Vengo, Juan del Encina, c. 1500
Tres Morillas M'Enamoran, anonymous, Spanish c. 1500 (Cancionero del Palacio)
                           Ohn Dich Musz Ich, Jacob Regnart, 16th century

The Fifth Street Consort:
J. S. Bach, Ein Feste Burg is Unser Gott, 18th century
J. B. de Boismortier, Sonata in F: Gravement & Gavotte en Rondeau, 18th century
Brasilien, Adeus Sarita (traditional)

The Advanced Ensemble:
V. Haussmann, Paduan & Galliard "Go From My Window," 1604
H. Stonings, Browning My Dear, c. 1600
Josquin des Prez, Tenez Moy en Vos Bras, c 1490
Anonymous, Mon Ami (played on Renaissance Recorders), c 1500
G. P. Telemann, Concerto in A Minor: Gravement & Vistement, 18th century

The Tutti Ensemble:
Josquin des Prez, Mille Regretz, 1549
Antonio Caprioli, Una Leggiadra Nimpha, 1508
Jacques Arcadelt, Ahime, Ahime! 1540
Thomas Tallis, When Shall My Sorrowful Signing Slake. . ., c. 1550
Anthony Holborne, Three-Part Fantasia, 1597
Antonio Bertali, Sonatella, c. 1650
G. P. Telemann, Largo (with Great Bass); Le Plaisir, 18th century

May 24, 2018
Led by Nina Stern

Luodovico Grossi da Viadana: Sinfonia "La Bergamasca"
Giovanni Gabrieli: Canzon XII (1615)

April 26, 2018
Led by Ruth Cunningham

Claudin de Sermisy: Content Desir
Jacques Arcadelt: De Triste Cueur
Jean Mouton: Qui Ne Regrettoit Le Gentil Fevin

March 29, 2018
Led by Rachel Begley

J. S. Bach Chorales from the St. John Passion: O Grosse Lieb; Dein Will' gescheh
David Goldstein: Passover Song: Avadim Ha-Inu
Heinrich Schutz: Die sieben Worte Jesu Christi am Kreuz
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi: Selection from Stabat Mater (dolorosa)

February 15, 2018
Led by Martin Bernstein

Anthony Holborne (1545-1629): Fantasia I (1597)
Marc Antoine Charpentier: Concert Pour Quatre Parties de Violes:
Prelude 2,  Sarabande, Passecaille
Ler Minuet; Deuxieme Menuet pour les hautbois des Poitevins

January 25, 2018
Led by Deborah Booth, NYRG Music Director

Josquin des Pres (41450-1521): Mille Regretz
Antonio Caprioli (c. 1508): Due Frottole
Jacques Arcadelt (c. 1540) Ahime, Ahime! Dove'l Bel Viso
Thomas Tallis (1505-1585): When Shall My Sorrowful Sighing Slake
(from the Four Secular Songs)
Anthony Holborne (1545-1629): Fantasia I
Anonymous (c. 1500): Mon Ami
Antonio Bertali (1605 -1669): Sonatella
Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767): Largo; Le Plaisir


December 14, 2017
Led by: Valerie Horst

Music for the Season

Pieces written for Christmas, Chanukah, New Year’s Day, Twelfth Night, by Gabrieli (O Magnum Mysterium), Du Fay, Mendelssohn, and one poor anonymous composer who really hated winter!”

November 30, 2017
Led by: Larry Lipnik

      Claudio Monteverdi, Cantate Domino, SV 298
                                     Lauda pueri, SV 196
     Gioseffo Guami, Canzonetta Francesa “La Todeschina”

October 26, 2017
Led by: Gene Murrow

  Johann Sebastian Bach, In Meines Herzens Grunde (4 parts)
  Hans Leo Hassler, Tantzen und Springen (5 parts);
                                  Ach! Weh dess Leiden
    (5 parts)
  The B. F. White Sacred Harp, Consolation
                         Southern Harmony, Star in the East
                         Orlando Gibbons, The First Canticle (4 parts)

September 28, 2017
Led by: Wendy Powers

  Johann Walther, Ein Feste Burg (4 parts)
  Martin Luther, Veni Redempton Gentium (Chant);
                             Nun Komm, der Heiden Heiland (Chant)
  Johann Hermann Schein, Nun Komm, der Heiden Heiland IV (5 parts)
                         Johann Sebastian Bach, Es ist Genug (4 parts)
                         Georg Philipp Telemann, Motetta, Werfet Panier auf im Lande (4 parts)
                         Johannes Brahms, Magdalena (4 parts)
                         Jean Sibelius, Finlandia (4 parts)



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