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Welcome to the New York Recorder Guild
A chapter of the American Recorder Society

We are a group of recorder players in the New York metropolitan area who celebrate the recorder and its music by giving players an opportunity to meet and make music together!

Upcoming meetings


"An Early Autumn Potpourri of Early Music for Recorders" led by Deborah Booth

Our first gathering of the new season will include late Medieval music, early to late Renaissance music, and selections from the Baroque era. We will explore compositions by Francesco Landini, Guillaume Dufay, Antoine Brumel, Thomas Morley, Johann Hermann Schein, and Johann Sebastian Bach. There will be both sacred and secular repertoire as well as vocal and instrumental music. It will truly be a musical potpourri.

Recent meetings

SATURDAY, MAY 20, 2023, AT 1:30 PM

"Break-up Songs circa 1500" led by Susan Hellauer


Who was that country music star who said he got one hit song from every marriage, and five hit songs from every divorce? Well, 'twas ever thus. We’ll play a half dozen sadly beautiful breakup songs from the years around 1500 by Josquin des Prez, Antoine Brumel, Pierre de la Rue, and Nicolas Gombert.



"Birds, Bees, and the Rest of Us: 500 Years of Music for the Season of Love" led by Valerie Horst

Join us as we welcome in the Springtime with a range pieces spanning centuries including an early 15th century canon; a 2012 composition "Mockingbird" by Charlotte Van Ryswyk; Josquin's "Baisés Moy" (Kiss me); "Soubz Ce Tumbel (Epitaph de L'Amant Vert)"–a piece written to mourn the death of Queen Marguerite of Austria's beloved green parrot; a ribald piece "In Maien" by Ludwig Senfl (1486-1542/43); and a 5-part arrangement of the famed tune about Daphne, the unrequited love of the spellbound Apollo.

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